Inspiring Confidence in Practitioners that use Energy as their Primary Means of Healing

Our members share the common goals of making improvements and doing no harm.



Who's This For: 

Do you work with Energy to help heal others?

Using energy work to heal humans and animals while known to work wonders, has yet to be fully understood by the masses. Your modality can help so much but when it comes to explaining what you do, you may freeze or attempt to explain something your clients perceive as "woo-woo".

Energy work is hard to explain or show because we can't "see" energy. We ARE energy. And even though clients may be really excited about the possibility of the results of your work, they really don't "get" it. 


Become Official 

GCEMA is an authority for approval of energy work

The Global Center for Energetic Modulation & Accreditation will review your work and your case studies and provide an official accreditation so you be recognized for your work and validate your practice. Our seal will be available to attach to any materials that talk about your work. We are also a resource to help explain energy work to the world. 

Requirements for Accreditation:

1. Consistently use a form of energy healing that helps humans or animals make improvements physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually for at least 1 year. This can be a practice like Reiki, Quantum Touch or Theta Healing, or it can be your own special technique that you've developed.

2. Prove to GCEMA with case studies that your practice will both make improvements and do no harm to the receiver.